QuickCheck testing Ericsson’s 4G radio base station

  • Ericsson’s test framework for the new LTE “4G” radio base stations was designed with QuickCheck specifically in mind–see Graham Crowe’s talk at the 2010 Erlang User Conference.

QuickCheck helps develop mission-critical software at Motorola

  • QuickCheck helped develop a mission-critical gateway at Motorola, ensuring that the new gateway would not crash the legacy systems it was connected to–see Torben Hoffman’s talk at the 2010 Erlang User Conference.

QuickCheck helps ensure database reliability at Basho

  • Justin Sheehy, CTO of Basho Technologies says “QuickCheck, with its approach to property-based testing, gives us a much more tractable way to build assurance into products like our Riak distributed database.”

QuickCheck combines with contract checking to test webmail for millions

  • QuickCheck helped develop a webmail service for two million users at launch at Gemini Mobile. QuickCheck was combined with contract-checking to flush out interface bugs, and helped reveal race conditions in Gemini’s distributed key-value store, Hibari.

QuviQ QuickCheck improves quality of IP-telephony product from Ericsson

  • Ericsson’s Media Proxy product was tested in part using Quviq QuickCheck. Working together, QuviQ and Ericsson developers began finding errors on the first day QuickCheck was deployed, and with relatively little effort found a number of tricky errors that conventional testing had missed.

The Media Proxy is part of a media firewall for IP telephony. QuickCheck was used to test its control software (150,000 lines of code), by sending control messages according to ITU standard protocol H.248–the ”Megaco” protocol. The software was simultaneously tested using a rigorous conventional testing approach; comparison showed that the effort-per-error-found was many times lower when using QuickCheck.

A detailed account was presented in September, 2006, at the ACM SIGPLAN Erlang Workshop in Portland, Oregon, and also at ”Smarter Testing”, the Ericsson Test Conference of 2006 in Linköping, Sweden.