Modern cars contain many software components from a variety of vendors. For a car to function properly it is important that these components work together. The AUTOSAR standard has been established to ensure interoperability between automotive software components. QuickCheck for Automotive can quickly check if a software component adheres to the AUTOSAR specification.

Quviq found more than 200 faults in AUTOSAR Basic Software, including more than 100 inconsistencies in the standard itself.

QuickCheck Automotive is enhanced with libraries that understand the AUTOSAR standard, which have been used to develop models for much of the AUTOSAR Basic Software.  We can offer up-to-date models for COM, CAN, and LIN, for AUTOSAR standard versions 4.0.2 and 4.0.3; and models for Diagnostics for AUTOSAR version 4.0.2? …and we can develop new models on demand. Our models not only clarify the meaning of the standard documents themselves, in a precise and testable way, but they have proven highly effective at revealing faults even in “production ready” implementations.