QuickCheck downloads

You can download QuickCheck for Erlang via the following links (Note you need a valid license to be able to use these).


QuickCheck Mini

You can download a free version of QuickCheck with unrestricted use, that offers a feature subset comparable to Haskell QuickCheck. QuickCheck Mini makes QuviQ’s technology for simplifying failing test cases available to a wide audience, and it can be freely used for testing personal, open source, or commercial software. We have released it in the hope that it can help the Erlang community discover the benefits of property-based testing, and develop even better software as a result. QuickCheck Mini can be downloaded here.

For Elixir users add the eqc_ex package to your dependencies in mix.exs

  defp deps do
    [ {:eqc_ex, "~> 1.4"},

Then in the shell

mix deps.get
mix eqc.install --mini


QuickCheck features full version(s)

QuickCheck is offered in many flavours to test a variety of different systems. There is a version for the Automotive industry that comes with AUTOSAR models. There is a version for Simulink and for iOS. There are some custom build versions on customer demand.

The full version of QuickCheck as downloadable above lets you write your models in Erlang or Elixir. It has smooth integration with many APIs, among which APIs written in the C language. It supports testing of stateful systems, allows modular design of QuickCheck models, has a mocking framework that is suited for randomly generated test cases and where mocked functions shrink with the test case. It contains PULSE, a random scheduler with deterministic playback as well as shrinking schedules; for finding race conditions. It allows for requirements tracking, for avoiding finding the same bug over and over again, and much more.