Ericsson’s 4G base stations tested with QuickCheck

Speaking in front of 300 delegates at the Stockholm Erlang User Conference in Stockholm, Graham Crowe from Ericsson described how QuickCheck has been used in the development of Ericsson’s new LTE (“4G”) radio base stations. Graham discovered QuickCheck while working with Ericsson’s 3G base station, at a time when a new test environment based on Erlang was just being introduced. He was impressed with Erlang’s concurrency–perfect for testing a highly concurrent product like a base station–and also with QuickCheck. When he joined the LTE project in early 2007, he built the Generic Test Environment for the project–for white box, black box, and load testing–with QuickCheck specifically in mind. Graham emphasized the importance of generating test cases from a specification, rather than limiting testing to particular scenarios, calling QuickCheck “the testing of the future”.

We at Quviq are happy to be able to help Ericsson deliver quality for the new generation mobile networks!

Graham’s slides can be found here.