Writing sufficiently many test cases for complex software is a major undertaking. When a new feature is added, one needs additional tests for not only that feature, but also for interaction with all features that already exist. Manually creating all these tests is a major undertaking.

If you experience quality problems, despite all your test effort and test automation, then the next step is automatic test  generation. Instead of having humans write test cases, we use algorithms to generate good test cases for you. This results in thousands of relevant test cases that hit corners in your software you didn’t even know exist.

Our algorithms create test cases from a model. Quviq can create those models for you, or support your engineers to do so. We have developed models for 3000 pages of AUTOSAR specifications, for telecommunication specifications, for internet RFCs for Web Services, and many more. Our experts learn new domains quickly. Quviq can even help you if there is no existing specification at all, by extracting the necessary knowledge from your engineers and existing system.

Software concurrency and parallelism are mainstream nowadays. Concurrency may cause timing dependent software failures (race conditions). Quviq can generate test cases that explore and analyze different schedules, and have been demonstrated to detect race conditions in critical applications.

Software testing is essential for you. Quviq courses and coaching empower your engineers to use models for automatic test generation, to maintain them and to extend them.