Quviq develops amazing testing tools and integrates those in a complete solution for customers,  taking the drudgery out of testing in smart and innovative ways. Automation is key: if a computer can do it, leave it to the computer. We free your employees from dull tasks, enabling them to concentrate on the parts where human ingenuity is needed. At the core of most tools is Quviq QuickCheck, our tool for automatic test case generation.

We have tools for generation of test cases in a variety of languages, for exploring different scheduler decisions, for fault-injection, for mocking in the context of random behaviour, for testing security constraints, etc.  These tools incorporate smart ideas from the latest academic research.  Our tools have been shown to be effective for testing large industrial systems, such as Automotive and Telecommunication software, Web Services and Distributed Database solutions.

The tools focus on test performance: low mean time to finding failures. It takes only seconds to generate new meaningful test cases, and the more computer power you have, the more tests you can run. For our own software we generate and run a million tests every night. If our software finds a fault, it automatically simplifies the test case to a minimal one demonstrating the fault. This automatic debugging saves time and effort on diagnosis — all to fix faults as quickly as possible.

A technical presentation of QuickCheck