QuviQ offers courses and consultancy to help your company experience QuickCheck's benefits as quickly as possible.
We recommend new users to start with one of our courses and to order two or three on-site support days in which we help with the development of customers' own QuickCheck specifications.


Our courses are intensive, modular and hands-on, with each module made up of lectures and practical exercises. We limit each course to ten participants, to ensure plenty of interaction with each person. We hold courses here in Gothenburg, or by arrangement at customers' own premises--in which case we can mix-and-match modules to tailor the content to your needs.

QuickCheck for Erlang Users (2.5 days)
QuickCheck for C Users (4 days)
QuickCheck introductory seminar (half day)
QuickCheck advanced (1 day)


Let us help you to

get started fast on QuickCheck specifications of your own
develop QuickCheck test frameworks for tricky cases

We've used QuickCheck to test many different kinds of software, and with our experience, we can often suggest easy solutions to any QuickCheck testing problems you encounter.