The problem

Traditional software development processes fit the development of web services and internet applications rather poorly. The speed with which new services are launched requires agile development strategies, small increments and continuous integration. Advanced software engineering techniques, new processes and development tools have emerged and are extensively used by a new generation of software developers, but software testing has lagged behind.


The challenge addressed in PROWESS is to reduce time spent on testing, whilst increasing software quality, in order to quickly launch new, or enhancements of existing, web services and internet applications.
This project aims to provide the European software industry with efficient and effective testing tools and techniques for web services and internet applications.

Property-based testing

Property-based testing (PBT) will deliver more effective tests, more efficiently, and thus deliver economic benefits to the European software industry. Testing with properties as objects improves the competitiveness of software developers, as they can deliver higher quality software for a lower price. It allows collaborating companies to improve the definition of their software interfaces and so improve the compatibility between their services.