Summer deal

Your Github project needs more testing, but you want to go on holiday? No problem: Quviq will create tests for you for as little as 500 euro.

Send your Github link to Quviq, pay 500 euros and after your holidays your tests will be on QuickCheck CI. The QuickCheck model generating these tests will be yours and you can generate thousands of tests for free. You can even tweak the model or extend it and use the free QuickCheck CI service to generate and run more tests.

This offer is valid until August 31:st. We only consider Erlang projects. Your project has to be on Github and must build out-of-the-box.
When you submit your project, Quviq will respond within a day with detailed payment information. After we received your payment and within a few weeks you will find your test results on QuickCheck-CI. At the same time you will receive a pull request with the QuickCheck model.

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This summer deal provides you with new test cases and tests that cover parts of the code where the repository did not have tests yet. It provides you with a show-case of what automatic test case generation can do for your project. Quviq’s machinery picks part of your project for which it can create properties most easily. Later, you can inspect and refine these properties yourself if you disagree with failing test cases and instead want to change the specification. By no means the new tests will cover your complete project, but you will end up with more and better testing than before you went on holiday.