Quviq QuickCheck Feature Comparison


  QuickCheck Mini QuickCheck Full
Supports property-based testing
Offers a rich domain-specific language for test case generation
Simplifies failing test cases to minimal examples using Quviq's proprietary algorithms ("shrinking")
Supports user-programmable shrinking strategies
Gathers user-defined statistics on the executed tests
Upward compatible with full QuickCheck
Tests against state-machine specifications of stateful systems  
Supports Finite State Machine models, with automated transition weighting  
Generates and runs parallel test cases to find race conditions  
Generators for injecting faults into test data  
Generates test data from yecc grammars  
Provides a seamless interface for testing C code  
Includes PULSE, a randomizing scheduler for Erlang  
Delivered with an Emacs mode to make creating specifications easy  
Integrates with Common Test  
Commercially supported