QuviQ offers expert help in any software testing domain. Our employees are qualified experts with many years’ experience in software development and testing, in areas such as telecommunication, automotive, web services, IoT and more.  We quickly master new domains and apply our knowledge in one domain to others. QuviQ’s R&D attracts funding from the EU and national funding agencies, demonstrating QuviQ’s strong profile in the area and enabling QuviQ’s experts to remain on top of new developments.

If you need a partner to improve your software quality, then devoted engineers from Quviq are the perfect choice. You add an expert to your team who can help you improve test effectiveness and efficiency by an order of magnitude. Quviq will train and coach your engineers to improve their skills, and help your company further.

Quviq brings experience from software testing in companies that take quality very seriously, working with highly available fault-tolerant and mission critical systems. Whether you make a phone call, drive around in your car, buy something online, store your files in the cloud, or chat with your friends, the chances are high that Quviq has tested part of the critical software you’re using at that moment.

QuviQ's presence in different domains